The Tecumseh Foundation

Let’s give everyone

the chance to participate and excel!



  • Neuromotive Certification.
  • Eating to Compete for students, parents and coaching staff. Delivered by Julie Nicoletti a nationally recognized sports nutritionist specializing in coaching student and professional athletes to achieve their highest potential- both on and off the field.
  • Defray cost of Youth Lacrosse Training Camp for all participants.
  • Project Purple- Student-Athlete Abuse Prevention Program
  • Yoga for High School Boys and Girls
  • Olympic lifting certification
  • After prom substance free party

Grant History

Even before Will's accident our family recognized how blessed we were to have the resources to support our children's athletic endeavors on and off the field.  We knew there would be tremendous value to the entire community if we could support all children achieve greater on and off field success. For us this means preventing injuries and influencing good decisions.  We are very fortunate to be able to impact the lives of others, and partner with passionate and driven like minded parents, coaches, educators and companies."

                                                               - Will Hurley


mission & vision

Love the player. Help those that do. Support High School and Middle School athletes with programs that lead to better on and off field decisions. 


Coaches, trainers and educators of Middle and High School athletes are making a difference in the lives of thousands. Become a partner.


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