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Eating to Compete

Using nutrition to maximize performance and minimize risk of Injury. A presentation and active discussion for Nashoba athletes and their parents.  Separate one hour sessions to address the concerns of  male and female athletes. Julie Nicoletti is presenting both sessions. Ms. Nicoletti is a nationally recognized sports nutritionist who specializes in coaching student and professional athletes to achieve their highest potential— both on and off the field. Julie provides one on one, personalized nutritional education and counseling to athletes, enabling them to optimize peak athletic performance while minimizing the risk of injury. What differentiates Julie’s science-based approach is the emphasis on timing. When we eat is as important as what we eat.

For more information on Julie and Kinetic Fuel visit:

NeuroMotive Coach (NMC) Certification

Neuromotive Coaching is helping 100s of athletes with cognitive delays. The NeuroMotive Coach (NMC) Certification is appropriate for teachers, personal trainers, CrossFit coaches, and other professional coaches. The emphasis of the NMC Certification is application of the Ignite! methods in the classroom, gym, or other non-commercial setting. This is the "in-the-trenches" certification for delivery of the Ignite program in a small- or large-group scenario, or one-on-one. The Tecumseh Foundation funded Brendan Aylward NMC training in 2013.  Coach Aylward is the Program Coordinator and Head Coach of the Spartans. The Spartans are back to back Olympic champions. Check out the story at For more information on Ignite! visit:

Project purple 

The Nashoba Athletics Department requested Chris Herren present a substance abuse prevention program for grades 9 to 12. The presentation will educate students on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and of good decision making, as well as provide “real-world” techniques to handle pressure within a teen’s life, community, or family situation. The Tecumseh Foundation has supported multiple programs for both NHSR students and parents with children entering the high school. Mr. Herren’s story has been published in two novels by Providence Journal Sports Writer, Bill Reynolds, and a special 90-minute segment on ESPN. His story and local ties proved powerful lessons for High School student-athletes. For more information on Chris visit:

Youth Lacrosse

Lacrosse is America's oldest and currently fastest growing team sport. Played by both girls and boys of all ages, it is a fast paced game with contact. Its' combination of speed, quick change of direction, stick, ball, and contact make for a unique set of injury mechanisms and types. According to the US Lacrosse website, the rate of injury for boy’s youth lacrosse (ages 9-15) was 22 in 1000. One of the easiest ways to avoid lacrosse related injuries is to ensure young players are being trained properly in all aspects of the game. This includes both individual and team concepts. The Tecumseh Foundation partnered with Kevin McNamara, Nashoba Head Boy’s Lacrosse Coach, to defray the cost of a youth clinic. The purpose of the clinic is to provide young athletes with the basic fundamentals of lacrosse to ensure safe and fun participation. Clinics have been held in 2014 and 2015.

CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer Course

Olympic lifts like the Snatch and Clean & Jerk develop speed, power, coordination, agility, accuracy and balance for a young athlete's strength training routine. Correct training techniques and expert coaching on these lifts are indispensable for correct performance and the elimination of injury. The Tecumseh Foundation partnered with Matt Ettinger, a health and PE teacher at Nashoba Regional High, to develop Olympic lifting coaching expertise. View a great article describing Matt's work with Nashoba students at:

Yoga for High School Athletes

Yoga is a perfect cross training technique for High School athletes.  Benefits include: Preventing injuries, increasing strength and flexibility, and cultivating a calm and focused mind on and off the field. Yoga is a natural way to develop crucial mind and body feedback mechanisms for our teens.  These classes are provided by expert instructors Amy Yapp and Jen Mast. Classes are provided for both High School boys and girls.